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Hello, Stranger is a function of a bunch of strangers coming together. It would be impossible to make happen alone. Here are a few of the people that are a part of the journey in some way, and what they had to say about the project.

Note: if you click on their photo it will take you to their social media profile!

I LOVE STORIES and your podcast (let’s not forget that you were born for it bc biology also helped u by gifting you w’ an awesome voice tone!!) will for sure be at the top of my favs next to ‘How I built this’, can’t wait!

 – Marjorie Espino

I just listed to it with my year 12 class – the consensus is that it sounds like the real thing, I.e., a very polished and professional sounding production.  The topics, guests and discussion sound extremely interesting and you have certainly chosen your guests well – I know that you mentioned that they took some coaxing, but they really sounded good in the promo.  Great job!  Take it to T.V I reckon – you could be the Canadian Louis Theroux.

 – Daniel Dawes

Absolutely loved it, love your message and value what you’ve got to say. To be honest I checked your profile and you looked familiar (I know it sounds strange) and then when I heard you talking about YesTheory (which is awesome) it clicked! It might be a long shot but I remember meeting you on the train and you inviting myself and a friend to your 21st. I didn’t think much of it then, to be honest it was refreshing to see your passion for positivity then, but to see what your doing now is really a testimony now man, you may not remember me, but I remember that small meeting.

 – Angelicia Maiava

Wow I’m so excited! I really like the idea of great stories tucked away in the pocket of a passerby. So much validity to that statement.

 – Jeanette Debek

There were so many times I had goosebumps

 – Balint Jozsa

I enjoyed the rawness of having no plan and letting the conversation ride. I personally find it interesting to hear about other people’s experiences especially if we don’t share the same passions because it’s a great way to learn more about the world in a way I may never experience myself.

 – Rae Lexis

What caught me the most is looking back to your first memory. I believe that life is a timeline. It is important to look at our different stages in life because it helps to look back and think on how much we have grown from then and what we can do to continue to grow. Everyday when people ask us, “what’s new?”, we tend to say, “same shit, different day”. However, looking back at our lives, we realize that things looked different. We have matured. We have grown wiser. And also, you sharing about your darkest moments in your life stood out as intense and inspiring. Discussing about those times helps lets us out our emotions and talking about them to a complete stranger is something special. Andrew, it has been an absolute pleasure listening to your podcast. You are a legend! A lot of people would think of reaching out to strangers as weird since society seems to define strangers as being simply put “strange”. However, having a conversation with a stranger is not as bad as people think, especially if you approach those that want to have a positive impact on people’s lives. This podcast has potential to change the way society views “strangers”.

 – Robert Toto

I honestly felt like each podcast was a surprise box, in which I never knew where the conversation would end up. At first I doubted the unconventional nature of the structure which the podcast follows, but in the end I found it to be quite refreshing – the free flowing nature of the conversation allowed me as a listener to embrace whatever direction the conversation went. My mind was definitely wondering to thoughts about my own life while I was listening. You seem to be quite natural in the art of conversation so its a perfect fit.

 – Bronwyn Stang

Listening to the podcasts were really inspiring it was kind of like a self-development podcast but portrayed through conversation, people’s stories and your life experience. I also loved listening to how you connect/ relate to people and listen to them – I feel as though you make sure the person never feels judged when you’re talking to them. I loved it!!!

 – Izzy Conquest

“When i was listening to the first 2 eps, i was thinking the whole time that i wanted to know more details about the guests because i thought it would help paint the picture. lol, skip ahead to the third ep you sent where you specified why you aren’t doing this. this was heaps eye-opening – i love the way these episodes challenge things like that – why is it that i wanted to know what someone was studying to feel like i could paint the picture better?? when you were reflecting on this, it made me have a moment to check myself and my own perceptions. what someone is studying should have no influence over my perception of them. i really respect the intention and love the way that youre encouraging this whole new perspective/perception of people. While i understand you’re very broad with the intention for this podcast, i think that one of the many things you are doing is using your opportunistic mindset to serve the people who listen and breaking down their own mental barriers/uncertainties to connect with others in the way that you are. Honestly, I’m so surprised I’ve never seen something like this podcast done before. I feel so genuinely encouraged by what I’ve heard – listening to these conversations was a pleasure.

From episode 1:
I think my major take away from the ep came when hearing how Raj was in high school and being so fresh out of high school myself, it made me reflect on the fact that if Raj and I were in school together we never would have connected – considering the way he described himself as so quiet in high school/afraid to talk to girls etc… it seems the chances of us having a conversation would have been so slim – YET i listened to this ep and i was so impressed by what he had to say and who he was and it just really hit the nail on the head for me – it so perfectly captured the whole concept of the podcast to connect with people that you wouldn’t usually. it seems like neither of us would have gone out of our way to talk to each other, yet i resonated so much with his perspective and what he had to say. i genuinely found this so moving. half way through i was like ok this is the podcast I’ve been missing, and I just started smiling. “

 – Gab Mondaro

The idea is great. I sound wonderful. Content is interesting. You have my whole support! Would love to be of service. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in having other people have conversations with strangers – would love to interview other people around my life. Or just strangers. And bring them to the Hello, Stranger platform. Collaborate in this way.

 – Kaimana Lovawolf

Amazing podcast you have, Andrew. Your desire to get people of all demographics on your podcast will prove to be super valuable down the road. Having such a wide range of people and their stories, beliefs, desires, etc.. will make for incredibly interesting podcasts! I love, LOVE your passion for your podcast! It’s so easy and clear when you speak just how genuinely passionate you are doing this! Also, just to give you some context: I was watching the show “Community” on Netflix, which I’m absolutely hooked on, but out of nowhere I got this desire to listen to this podcast because I enjoyed the first one so much! That’s coming from someone who doesn’t really listen to podcasts at all so that just goes to show you how entertaining these really are!

 – Austin Legendre

Really cool. You have a really great ability to get vulnerable with your audience which I think is your key point of difference from other podcasts. Haven’t seen anyone else have that kind of ability to talk at such a deep level e.g. the discussion on mental health in the episode with Anna

 – Sachin Shah

This is such a genuine project, it is exciting to just wonder where these conversations will go as it is so unpredictable. as the podcast went on I was actually excited about not knowing and even more about you not knowing so everyone is in the same discovery path. As I listened to them, I realized how conversations both with strangers like John or friends like Stephen can uncover so many layers of a person that one would never had imagined. I loved the playfulness going along with deep thoughts and even life lessons. I love how you go straight into a big topic or into details or into a story without throwing away some minutes of no real conversations like I have heard in other podcasts. I found it amazing that even though you are literally interviewing random people (I mean they are amazing but they are not specifically chosen for something they have done) your guests have the ability to not only follow through with an engaging conversation but also shifting it back at you as if they were the host for a few seconds.

 – Alejandra Bora

This is incredible content man. Once you launch it, I will be listening for sure, and as soon as it launches, I have at least one friend I will already share it with. I’m excited to see where you take this, and you’ve got a loyal listener!

 – Stephen Ballard

Absolutely love the whole thing. You’re putting yourself out there. You never know the connections you could make. You’re a natural speaker and great at connecting!

 – Yash Bhatia

Super interesting to listen to. I think just due to the nature of your brain and how deep of a level you think & converse with others, it is very much a podcast where you have to be present. For John’s podcast, I was cooking when I started listening to it. At some point I couldn’t even cook any more, I was just that drawn into the conversation! I did enjoy even writing notes for my own self growth & realization.

 – Anna Chalik

It will give a lot of people that green light to do “that”

 – Bibi Lafleur

Loved both, found it very interesting in terms of understanding other people and their viewpoints!

 – Austin Percy

To prove how much I enjoyed it I listened to the preview episode with Kaley whilst I was doing a shift for work. Between phone calls and emails and I found myself holding out for those quiet times when I could continue with the podcast.You should be super proud Andy I can’t fault it! Keen to hear future episodes.

 – Amanda Nye

I think it’s freaking awesome man!! There is is so much value having real and deep conversations with people – unedited, unscripted and raw… I got a lot out of hearing it, I think it needs to get out there and I believe and can see this growing!!!

 – Matt Caruana

I really love the concept of having meaningful conversations with strangers or acquaintances so I’m super stoked to hear where this goes! I definitely liked listening while I was driving! All your questions are great and thought provoking

 – Alex Fawcett

I loved it. I think you’ve got something special in the works and I’m excited to see what is next!

 – Isaac Brewin

Enjoyed it! It’s very different from other stuff ive heard which is super cool!

 – James Walker

Listening to the preview was the one moment in my day where everything wasn’t about efficiency… and that was great!

 – Amit Anil

One commonality I found within all conversations is that the selected people have a strong sense of selflessness and a desire to help others. It’s an amazing idea that you implemented the “blank canvas” question towards the end as it gives listeners a deeper insight of how we viewed and then confirmed the genuine viewpoints of the person. Each of the conversations I listened to revolved around a theme. It wasn’t pre-set, the theme organically formed and remained. Listening to you made me realize how great of a speaker you are and how naturally the conversation flows with you. It doesn’t feel like a podcast or interview, it feels more like a conversation two people are genuinely having. Love the concept, love the project, and I wish you major success Riis, I appreciate you sharing this with me.

 – Louis Ambriz

“The energy of the podcast is outrageous. For a first podcast, it doesn’t sound amateur at all. The stories shared are vulnerable, relatable (even though it doesn’t have to be) and are undeniable authentic. Man, I say this with honesty, I have nothing to say in terms of the flow of the podcast. It runs very naturally, and clearly it comes out because of the way you handle the transitions and move the conversations going in interesting directions. It’s really the kind of conversation you wanna devour and don’t wanna miss a bit. I can’t wait for you to drop these episodes. Both you and John are incredible people and this world definitely needs people like you to share some wisdom. Very proud of you for this one, keep it going, brother.

 – Julien Mancilla

The impression I’ve had of you when we met at the Don’t tell Summer festival was exactly what you express on this Podcast. Your emotional awareness is very cool man. You’ve got an incredible ability to connect with people. I think that through this project you will encourage people to get out of the comfort zone and trust more in their intuition. I’m going through this phase as well, where i wanna think less and feel more..

 – Adriano Barcellos

Bugger me sideways I’m stoked with how strong you’ve started

 – Al Worton

As I listened to your conversation I realised I forgot who I was. I had this dream which I let go of, and I couldn’t believe that I got stuck!! I think your podcast is really nice because you’re going to help a lot of people and inspire them to chase their dreams.

 – Estrella Lidia

I really like it. Love the idea of the free flowing nature of the conversation. Really good job man, I think you lead the conversation to places without it being too rigid.

 – Gianni Stensness

I fucking loved it. It’s so so good. So professional. Well done mate

 – Anay Patel

There’s something powerful about what you’re creating. Great work.

 – Cos Luccitti

Very deep thinking. Certainly made me listen intently. I feel you are helping people share their burdens. This is not easy but somehow your kindness and love have helped you guide these conversations. Now for the bombshell!!! Perhaps you should go into psychiatry or psychology. You have a very rare gift of bringing others out of their shell. Use your God-given gift. I don’t see money in this, but in the above studies you are well suited.

 – Dawn Darby

You have a powerful voice for radio!

 – Sam McLennan

Love the concept and the ‘experiment’ this is SO good!

 – Janet Kafadar

A text message wasn’t enough to express how listening to the preview made me feel. I think whoever listens to it will be lucky to hear what you have in store. It left me with a smile on my face. It’s just so beautiful. I wish I could express to you how it made me feel. But I don’t think any words capture it.It’s nice when a stranger smiles or talks to you because everyone seems to be in their own bubbles. You’re bringing people together. It’s the most beautiful thing.

 – Malaika Kamure

It’s great, and super interesting, and a very fresh take!

 – Sydney Gaviser

I love the premise and the execution 🙂 what can I say man… I think you hit on something real here

 – Leo Holton

You’re a great host. The way you introduced the podcast/moved through the diff interviews was so smooth and it was clear that the guys felt comfortable opening up to you which I think is pretty powerful bc being able to establish that level of trust is so key for any sort of relationship/open conversation and you clearly have a knack for it!

 – Kimia Tabatabaei

I LOVED the preview!! It’s a brilliant idea and something that I think many will be excited to listen to–just people telling their stories. Every story is unique, and snippets of ideas and reflection can come from each one.

 – Jamie Taylor

I liked the points you brought up about how we often forget to socialize with other strangers and how we are stuck in this bubble trapped with the same people in our friend group we are reluctant in a sense to just expand. When we get out of the bubble is when we start breaking out of this shell and start seeing life from a different point of view and connecting more deeply with others which is a great thing. I also liked the takeaways from the 3 people’s stories you mentioned. One lesson that stood out for me was when Anthony said you can’t change everyone, you have to be accepting and see the good in people and not the bad. That right there is very inspiring! If we saw only the bad in people, what kind of world would we be living in? Knowing the rough patches Anthony had with his father, it could have made him bitter and angry towards others, but he proactively made the choice to be nice to people, helpful, and most of all empathetic which really has a positive impact on people. I learned when you automatically start thinking about and seeing the good in people, you start to become more positive as opposed to full of hatred. Hope to listen to more of these! Really enjoyed it.

 – Anjali Patel

Hearing the highs and lows of other unnoticed individuals, even in your short preview, made me feel connected to the world again. You seem to have a natural ability to ask meaningful questions.

 – Melanie Blatt

I love it. The honesty. The diversity of people. The depth. The two way conversation instead of interview. The boldness. It will add a lot of value to people’s lives.

 – Roberto Helou

I’m blown away. I think the concept that you are trying to approach is incredible, and honestly want to hear more about your life and experiences (as it seems you have had many and are all just so intriguing). I am super excited for the launch on June 18th. Cheers! Keep pushing, you’re doing great things!

 – Sirisha Karra

This is gonna be great. A stranger on one side of the planet impacting a stranger on the other side of the planet. PS. you have a nice voice for listening to — I don’t know if you looked up Ira Glass who use to be syndicated on NPR (National Public Radio) in USA. His show, This American Life, has similar charm and has been on the air for decades and sells in box sets – I believe he is retired for some time now.

 – Tawn Holstra

This is gonna be great. A stranger on one side of the planet impacting a stranger on the other side of the planet. PS. you have a nice voice for listening to — I don’t know if you looked up Ira Glass who use to be syndicated on NPR (National Public Radio) in USA. His show, This American Life, has similar charm and has been on the air for decades and sells in box sets – I believe he is retired for some time now.

 – Aaron Ngan

Good quality, Intresting content. Awesome idea (I love the idea of even bringing the listeners together). Hungry for more.

 – Gabriel von Borstel

Just listened to the whole thing – I love it! And I love how it is all strangers, and the thing your friend said about not needing celebrities or scholars. That’s really cool.

 – Ally Archer

Listened to the whole thing. I gotta be honest, I’m excited. As someone who has watched Yes Theory for years, this whole concept is really encouraging. I will 100% be listening when it comes out. It’s really well done, definitely helps with self reflection and gets me thinking, even though it’s just the preview!

 – Michael Cestnick

It’s awesome! I love the premise! I think it’s a great idea and you phrase it wonderfully! If i have any advice it would be to do something explaining how you meet these strangers more (it sounds like you have a lot of outlets for connecting with strangers that i want to know more about listening to the podcast) especially with the whole pandemic situation going on showing new ways to connect online is becoming more and more important and i think that also showing how strangers can connect in different ways is important for humanity in general rn lol. Common ground and unity are very powerful!

 – Slade Da Monsta

I really like it, it remind me of Humans of New York. I also think it’d be cool if you did an episode in the future about any conversations between listeners who filled out the form. I’m excited to hear a full episode!

 – Emily Duecker

It was soooo interesting, very well done. I could relate so much when Anthony and you talked about the fact that all of us human beings wanna be connected with each other but how it’s harder for women than it is for men. Especially when it comes to travel as well, I’m super tiny (1.58 meters tall) and I do have a very friendly and welcoming face lol. It’s definitely a curse and a blessing. It’s easy to make friends but it can also attract the wrong people. I agree too with what you said about when having a conversation with a stranger changing the focus on them instead of the fact that that person is a stranger, that way you’re more open to actually getting to know them. Btw I love your accent! Hahah

 – Maju Refbuffone

It’s a brilliant idea and making it happen is ingenius!

 – Kristian Peace Braquis

I LOVE it! I really love the impact that having a chat instead of conducting an interview can have – the unpredictability of where it may go is exciting and so very real. I love that you are giving a voice to people who may have thought they would never be given a voice like this.

 – Grant Williams

I’ve always been a big fan of storytelling from unexpected strangers… always inspiring to hear people’s real-life stories. Also, I love the opportunity to connect with another stranger at the end of the podcast!

 – Meghan Coyle

Thought it was incredible. It’s great that you are connecting with people that you don’t know too well and having a meaningful conversation

 – Adam Solovay

To be honest, that style of content isn’t what I’m interested in. I am geared towards more self-development and growth mindset type of podcasts. I like the idea, but the content didn’t resonate with me.

 – Brandon Ngo

You really come from a place of love not fear … which is what we need more of

 – Jessey McGuire

Loved the concept! it’s true that nowadays relationships are quite superficial, especially in big cities. So it’s great to give a voice to everyone and remind that we all have something special and interesting to share!

 – Emma Artigues

It’s a great initiative and the concept is quite amazing.

 – Klara Mancini-Hupel

I think it’s a wonderful idea what your podcast is doing! The idea is great; not sure if there are any other podcasts doing something similar, but this could totally become a big deal (if it isn’t already). Keep up the good work!

 – Jonathan Fang

Initially, when I heard the idea, I was skeptical and wasn’t sure how appealing listening the stories of strangers would be but it was oddly refreshing to listen to

 – Luke Tchang

WOW! I loved that preview and I am genuinely soooo excited. Seriously it sounds so genuine and sincere! I also LOVE the idea of connecting your listeners as well and I’m excited to be apart of it

 – Alex Grasso

Right when I turned it on it reminded me of Yes Theory & then you referenced them in the second interview hahaha. This is really cool! You’re an unbelievable human & possess a power of insight into others peoples lives that is very rare. You have such a deep skill of being able to connect with others emotions & journeys that it’s like you could look at someone, feel them & understand who they are.

 – Nathan Clark

It feels like eating a home cooked meal in an unexplored countryside kitchen listening to this – warm, inviting, fees like I am there with them too

 – Marvin Glass

I always wondered why there wasn’t a podcast that highlighted the extraordinariness of everyday people. Next thing I knew there was Hello Stranger. I feel like Andrew Riis created this for people like me, and I look forward to gaining something new from every episode.

 – Joseph Wehbe

Note: if the embedded form isn’t working, head to THIS LINK to access it directly 🙂