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Hello, Stranger Friend

Whether I know you or not, if you’re reading this page, you aren’t really a stranger.


This page is if you want to help spread the word. It’s important to mention that Hello, Stranger isn’t about me… It’s about random people colliding with other random people and touching each other’s lives.

People like Raj (ep 1) touch the lives of other random people, like Gab, who had this to say about the pre-release version of ep 1:

“It made me reflect on the fact that if Raj and I were in school together we never would have connected. YET I listened to this ep and I was so impressed by what he had to say and who he was… It just really hit the nail on the head for me in terms of connecting with people you wouldn’t usually, and I genuinely found this so moving. Half-way through I just started smiling.”

How can I help?

I’m glad you asked! First of all, if you have Instagram and haven’t already, go and follow ‘hellostrangerpodcast’ (link). Everyone following the account really resonates with the idea, and it will make it easier to ask for specific help during the launch week.


The best way you can help is by sharing the idea with other people. Even 1 or 2 people. It all makes a massive difference.


Sounds good, how do I share it?

  • However you want to share it!
  • Something simple: “My friend Andrew is starting this really cool project, you should check it out”
  • In a conversation: “Do you think it would be possible to have a podcast where the guests are random everyday people?” or “do you think everybody is interesting when we truly listen to them”?
  • If you want a longer piece of text, people have been really resonating with this: Hello, Stranger is a podcast launching June 18th where each episode is a conversation with someone that is or used to be a stranger. Because… perhaps we don’t need scholars or celebrities to create a meaningful podcast, maybe some of the best stories are tucked away, folded into the pockets of random passers-by or strangers on the train, of people who may have just never been given a space to tell their story. Head to to check out the 9min prelaunch preview. 


What exactly do I share?

  • Pre-launch, the best thing to share is the website – if people go to, they can enter their email and get emailed the preview and kept in the loop with the launch.
  • On or after June 18th, the best thing to share will be a direct link to one of the first 3 episodes

(for more context, scroll down to the “Gameplan” section)

my sister Laura helping out with some photos

What other help do you need?

Beyond sharing the idea with other people, I’m currently after two things. If you can help with either, please email me (andrew AT

  1. Ways to have more leverage, instead of gaining listeners 1 by 1 – e.g. is there a community group you know that might really resonate with this, and could send out an email to their email list of 200 people? Is there someone you know with a decent following on LinkedIn or Instagram that might resonate with the ethos behind this concept?
  2. Ways to get some press coverage. Even a bit of coverage in my local paper will likely get enough listens to instantly hit New and Noteworthy. The idea of connecting with the people around us and importance of community during this crazy time period. Do you have any direct connections, or are you happy to help in some way here?

PS – if you’re in Australia and want to be a part of the next launch collision, I’m bringing together a group of strangers to create a really cool experience during the Cohort 2 launch. Send me an email (andrew AT

What’s the gameplan and why is spreading the world important?

Hello, Stranger launches with the first 3 episodes on June 18th.

The intention is to hit the New and Noteworthy list. This is achieved by reaching about ~800 listens and ~100 5 star reviews.

Once this list is hit, the podcast will be shown to tens of thousands of strangers.

It’s clear the the conversations will really resonate with a large percentage of people and impact them deeply.  We can be confident of this given the detailed feedback on full episodes that I have received from ~80 different people in the last few weeks.

Therefore, in hitting New and Noteworthy, this idea will really get momentum and create impact.

Connection is by no means the solution to all of the world’s problems. But I believe if we were 5% more friendly to the people around us, and really took the time to listen + understand, as opposed to react + judge, this would have a tremendous impact.