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Similarities and differences coming together is what makes music beautiful. It’s also what makes humanity beautiful.

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. Have a 10-minute conversation with someone, and find a view/feeling you share or differ on. Then submit what you discovered below:

Manual link to submission form: CLICK HERE

A:  When we can see our common humanity in others, we go from being a drop in the ocean to ocean in the drop. And,  we believe that listening to and understanding other's perspectives is an important foundation for meaningful change.

Q: Who should I have a chat with?
A: Anybody you would be open to having a conversation with! They could be they could be your best friend, or complete strangers. We suggest posting on of the images on our social media, and having a conversation with whoever responds! Or, if you want to reach out to people directly, that works as well.

Q: Why do I need to find a view/feeling I share or differ on with the other person?
A: Firstly, because this project is about empathy, and you'll need empathy to find either. Secondly, with some people we so easily see similarity and share the same views, so it is important to pay attention to the nuances and subtle differences. With others, our gut reaction can be to jump to seeing differences, and it is beautiful to take the time to see similarities.

Q: What if I say the wrong thing?
A: Be respectful of the other person’s beliefs but the goal of this exercise is to have an open, honest conversation. If you focus on listening, you'll find you won't end up saying the wrong thing. And if either of you gets hurt, simply apologise, and continue listening.

If you're wondering what to talk about, here are some conversation prompts. Feel free to go beyond the protests and issues in America to whatever topics you wish. There is no 'right conversation' to have.

  • How is your heart hurting the most right now, and why do you think this is the case?
  • What are some words that describe how you felt about the protests?
  • What do you think society’s best course of action is to fix the issues of racism and police brutality in America?
  • What do you and the person you had that conversation with the share about the proper course of action?
  • How do you and the person you had the conversation with differ in terms of your beliefs about that course of action?

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NameInstaConversation withWhat views/feelings were the same or differed?
@xevajcWe both believe we must fight for a change in terms of race relations in America but we differed in the idea that we black people should HAVE TO educate non-black people. Although I don't think we should be obligated to do the work of educating them I do believe that some people have to work toward it for a better outcome.

A social impact project about seeing our common humanity in others by Nathan Clark, Louis Sipowicz, Eva Jean-Charles and Andrew Riis.